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May 31.2022
7 Minutes Read

How To Improve Your Reputation As a Google Verified Business

Verifying your company on Google using Google My Business (GMB) is a crucial step to developing your brand's online visibility and possibly obtaining more customers. 

Without verification your brand or business may not appear prominently or at all on Google services such as Search and Maps.

How Do I Become a Google Verified Business?

Though it might take a while to finish the task, becoming a Google Verified Business is an easy process. 

Here's how to do it.

According to Google, most companies will go through the verification procedure by mail, however other establishments, like "service-area companies," have other verification options readily available to them. 

We'll discuss them in this article.

Option 1: Google Verify My Business By Mail

Becoming a Google Verified Business by mail involves Google sending you a postcard within 14 days with a verification code enclosed. Prior to asking for verification, ensure that your GMB listing address satisfies Google's standards.

Otherwise, the arrival of the postcard might be delayed.

Or it could end up in the wrong location.

To begin the process, just log in to your GMB account and click the "Verify Now" option on your listing. When you get to the postcard request screen, ensure that the address indicated is correct before clicking the "Send Postcard" confirmation button. 

You can likewise request a postcard through the Google My Business app by tapping the "Send postcard" button and selecting the "I don't have a code" choice.

Google states to not make any other modifications to your listing name, address, or classification while waiting for the postcard. Doing so could delay your Google My Business verification process. 

When you have the code, follow these instructions:

1. Log in to GMB and select the particular location you want to verify.

2. Click "Verify Location" or "Verify Now" and enter the 5-digit code on the postcard.

3. Click "Submit."On the GMB app, tap the business you wish to verify and pick the "Enter code" button and follow the exact same process.

Option 2: Google Verify My Business By Email

After selecting a particular business and clicking the "Verify now" button, you can select the e-mail option as a verification method if it's available. It's one of the quickest ways to become a Google Verified business. 

You should then see a message in your inbox containing a code. Enter that code in the GMB dashboard, or you can click the "Verify" button in the e-mail message. The exact same process also works on the Google My Business app.

Option 3: Google Verify My Business By Phone

If you have the option offered after clicking the "Verify now" button, you can become a Google Verified business by getting a code through your business's phone number. A call will come through your phone and you will have to listen for the automated voice system, which will provide you a code. 

This is the fastest way to become a google verified business.

Enter that on the verification section of GMB. This option also allows you to get the verification code via text message.

On the app, all you need to do is tap the "Call me now" option and enter the code from the automatic voice system.

Option 4: Google Verify My Business Instantly

Those who are already using Search Console may be qualified for immediate Google business verification. Simply ensure that the email used for the GMB account is the exact same as the one used to validate the listing on Search Console.

Keep in mind that some companies on Search Console may not be qualified for instant verification. Search engine rankings are always better for Google Verified Businesses.

Option 5: Google Verify My Business through An Agency

If you have a digital marketing firm handling your business locations for you, it can validate as much as 9 locations through an Organization account.

Please keep in mind that becoming a Google Verified Business with the Google My Business bulk verification feature isn't permitted for agencies.

Only the actual owner of the GMB account can go through the verification procedure before agencies can request shared access to the business's location group page, which displays the locations that were bulk verified.

Option 6: Google Verify My Business through Video

Under particular situations, which Google hasn't specified, some brands can use video footage to verify their listing on Google.

The majority of this process for becoming a Google Verified Business is carried out through the Google My Business app.

Within the "Verify Now" selection, an option will be available called "Capture Video." For proper verification, you will have to send one continuous video showing the following in one uncut recording:

- Current location: Capture video footage showing a nearby street name, local signage, or the area surrounding your location. This helps you be recognized as a Google Verified business.

- The business itself or equipment used: Show the interior of the business in different ways. This can consist of a few of the items you have on sale, equipment with your company's branding, or a few seconds of the everyday operations.

- Proof of management: Show that you have appropriate authorization to "represent the business" by going to employee-only areas, accessing the point of sale system, or perhaps unlocking the storefront with keys.

As soon as you have a plan for a video that showcases all three needed elements, press the "Start Recording" button in the GMB app and follow the procedure.

Press "Stop recording" when you're done and after that press "Upload video" to send it to Google for verification. The verification process takes about 5 days.

If the process is a success, you'll receive an alert. Otherwise, the "Verify Now" button will return to the app and you will have to use another approach to validate your organization's listing.

After your listing is confirmed, you can erase the video used during the process, however you can only do so through a desktop or laptop. To delete the video, log on to your GMB profile and click "Delete videos," which will be within the "Video verification uploads" section.

Getting Google Verified: Using the Google My Business Bulk Feature

If you are managing a brand with various branches or business locations, you might have the ability to use the Google My Business bulk verification feature to get all your areas Google-verified simultaneously.

You need to have 10 or more facilities to start the process.

Keep in mind that bulk verification is not offered for service-area establishments (businesses that do not serve customers at the listed address).

Google states that it will take about a week to process the request, during which time it verifies the GMB account holder's authority and checks that the account itself meets specific quality standards. It always helps to be a Google Verified business.

How Do I Become a Google Verified Business If I'm The New Owner?

When a change in leadership happens, you'll be required to send out a request to the previous business owner asking them to turn over the listing ownership to you.

Doing so implies that you can manage the data available in the listing. The general process for acquiring ownership of the listing is as follows:

1. Go to business.google.com/add and enter the name and address of the company, and select it from the available results. You can likewise use Search or Maps to search for the location and click "Claim this business" within Business Profile. 

This is essential to be a Google Verified Business.

2. Click "Continue" on the following page where you'll get a message verifying that another individual has actually already validated the profile. If you can manage the profile, you can get ownership from the current owner.

3. If so, click the "Request access" button, fill out the form, and click the "Submit" button. The current owner will have 3-7 days to respond to your request.

If the owner approves your request, you will receive an email alert, and you can manage the newly-owned listing using Google My Business.

If a request is rejected, you'll still get an email and notice when you sign into GMB. You can likewise appeal the request to Google.

If you do not hear from the owner at the end of the 7-day duration, you may be able to claim the listing anyway by going to GMB and hitting the "Verify" or "Claim" button on the dashboard page.

However, you might in some cases not get an option to claim the listing. Google states that this is due to the fact that the listing is not "eligible to be transferred."

Please keep in mind that there are exceptions to this rule. Some shops, service-area organizations, and brands with bulk verification need to have a different approach for acquiring ownership from the previous owner. Luckily, Google has steps for each scenario on its support page.

Being A Google Verified Business Brings Exposure

With a Google verified business, you can start to enhance your search visibility, build your brand reputation, and bring in more customers.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to think about verification as one of the preliminary actions to proactively managing your company online.

To get the very best results from Google, you need to establish a long-lasting holistic approach that includes guaranteeing the accuracy of your company information, learning how to react to negative reviews and positive customer feedback, and successfully engaging with searchers who visit your company listings.

Google Verified Business Wins!

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